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Algorithmic portfolio positioning


Financial Intelligent Allocation Technology

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Tactical Solutions

Active Allocation. Easy.  

  • Managed Market Exposure Through Algorithmic Portfolio Positioning
  • Lower Portfolio Risk Without Sacrificing the Potential to Capture Positive Trends
  • Providing Quantitative Signals to Help You Navigate Market Volatility 
  • Make Use of Our Process Through the IA Platform, By Using Our Funds and ETF’s, or By Finding Our Strategies through one of our TAMP partnerships

Our Process

Intelligent Allocation® 

  • Intelligent Allocation (IA) excels at capturing upside gain while also providing risk management.
  • This algorithmic process is key to our proprietary trend recognition.

Our Offerings

Intelligent Technology

Intelligent Cloud Platform

Our IA Cloud-based Platform leverages Intelligent Allocation for optimal portfolio management, allowing users to easily allocate their holdings.  The Platform reduces the complexities that come along with most asset management solutions.

Portfolio Signals

Our portfolio signals were engineered to provide the quantitative component (overlay) to any portfolio. Relying on machine learning and statistical techniques to blend forecasts for normally distributed and extreme events, our models empower meaningful decision making.

925 Advisory Partnership

Our partnership with 925 Advisory combines our computer driven process with one of the top money managers on SmartX. 

See What Others Are Saying


“I can now avoid portfolio free-fall without sacrificing opportunity, thanks to Intelligent Allocation!”


“For the first time in a long time, I feel confident in my ability to respond timely and decisively to shifting market conditions.”


“We help our clients respond to unexpected life events and now with Intelligent Allocation, we can help them be as responsive with their investments too.”


“Thanks to Intelligent Allocation, I have a plan that my clients understand. As a result, I spend less time managing client emotions related to the market and more time helping them live the life they want!”


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